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Dental Trauma First Aid

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First Aid Dental Trauma - Knowledge is lacking among the general population in how to take care of a dental trauma at the scene of an accident. What to do when the tooth is loose? When several teeth are damaged or misplaced? What if it is primary teeth?For a totally knocked out tooth your first aid could be of vital importance to save the tooth. The Dental Trauma app will help parents, teachers, sport coaches and others to give the best first aid to persons suffering from Dental Trauma. This app shows what to do, and if a visit to a dentist could be delayed or not, when a fragment of the crown is fractured, when there is increased mobility or dislocation of a tooth, or in case of a completely knocked out tooth. It is a great medical guide informing what actions to take at the scene of a dental accident. This app is endorsed by IADT (International Association of Dental Traumatology)
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